Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services APIs

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Microsoft announces Cognitive Services to show their enormous achievements in the field of Artificial Intelligence through plenty of algorithmic enhancements for


These services are available to you through Microsoft Azure as to be integrated into your applications in the form of services and APIs. In the series of these articles I will be covering complete APIs with detailed examples on how to utilize them in your applications. Following are the list of Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services APIs that we will be covering each on our path to explore these APIs and services.


Following are the computer vision related APIs.

Face API: To detect, analyze, organize, and tag faces in photos.

Emotion API: To be able to analyze through your apps that in a view a face is either sad, happy or in any other mood. That is  emotion recognition.

Computer Vision API: Distill actionable information from images.

Content Moderator: Automated image, text, and video moderation



Following are the Speech related APIs.

Bing Speech API: Convert speech to text and back again to understand user intent.

Speaker Recognition API: User speech to identify and authenticate individual speakers.

Translator Speech API: Easily conduct real-time speech translation with a simple REST API call.


Following are the language related APIs.

Language Understanding Intelligent Service: Teach your apps to understand commands from your users.

Text Analytics API: Easily evaluate sentiment and topics to understand what users want.

Web Language Model API: Use the power of predictive language models trained on web-scale data.

Bing Spell Check API: Detect and correct spelling mistakes in your app.

Translator Text API: Easily conduct automatic text translation with a simple REST API call.


Following are Knowledge related APIs.

Recommendations API: Predict and recommend items your customers want.

Academic Knowledge API: Tap into the wealth of academic content in the Microsoft Academic Graph.

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Following are the Search related APIs.

Bing Search API: Web, image, video, and news search APIs for your app.

Bing Autosuggest API: Give your app intelligent auto suggest options for searches.

All the APIs are listed above will be elaborated in detail in my coming articles. We will cover each of the API in a separate article or multiple articles if needed. Kindly subscribe to my blog to stay up to date with this new series on Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services APIs. Because Artificial Intelligence is the future. That’s all for today. Stay tuned for more. Have a nice day 🙂 Please don’t forget to subscribe my blog. Thank you. 🙂

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