Classification of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is classified in three sub types depending upon the current applied practices and further researches. Following are the 3 sub fields of Artificial Intelligence.

1. Artificial Narrow Intelligence
2. Artificial General Intelligence
3. Artificial Super Intelligence

1. Artificial Narrow Intelligence also referred to as Artificial Applied Intelligence or Artificial Weak Intelligence is focused on a narrow task. It can apply intelligence to any single specific problem. Most advances are happening in the field of Machine Learning in this form of AI.


2. Artificial General Intelligence will be able to make machines perform any intellectual task like human being can. Let us imagine if a machine becomes capable of going into the kitchen and makes a cup of coffee in the coffee maker. It picks up the cup just like a human fills it with milk and then coffee etc. If the machine is capable of understanding and applying logic in such general things that would be considered as the achievement of Artificial General Intelligence. Currently we are way behind in that direction. Researches are constantly happening to get success in near 20 to 25 years. AGI is also referred to as Strong AI or Full AI.





3. Artificial Super Intelligence in comparison to the other two types will be more advanced and will be making machines much superior in intelligence than a human brain. A month of human thinking would be possible in a few milliseconds. It is way too early to describe fully what it would be but there are many things being defined and are being taken care of for such an advancements when machines will become smarter than human and may control them.



In futurology there are mentioned certain measures to be taken such as Singleton in which there is a single decision-making agency at the highest level, capable of exerting effective control over its domain, and permanently preventing both internal and external threats to its supremacy. Because when intelligence would explode this way then it is necessary to form law and order on a global scale to maintain the human control. Certain general specifications would be defined which would be needed to be followed strictly across the globe.

But to be clear we are not reaching that stage possibly in this century. Even though advancements are happening exponentially but still researches are not far far scratched the surface of it. Finally, all researches and advancements need to be done keeping in mind the HUMANITY and its SUPREMACY.

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